Thursday, September 1, 2011

Autism Tweeters for SLPs and Moms

Kristin here.

If you work with people/children with Autism, I want to share some awesome resourses.  Here are a bunch of SLPs, Special Ed teachers and Moms who tweet autism-related stuff all the time.  (If you don't understand what I just wrote, you need to sign up for a Twitter account, make an SLP-ish name for your username, and start adding people on these lists to your contacts (it's called "following their tweets").  Then as you sign into your twitter account each day (or week, or month...), you'll have a network of people with related interests, sharing info, swapping stories, asking and answering questions, etc.  It's a great tool!

Here is that autism list I mentioned:

Happy Tweeting.

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    This is a link to my support group, I am the founder, a single mom of an Autistic child and hold 2 college degrees, one in psychology. I have worked with people of varying disabilities all my life. I invite everyone to please come join.