Saturday, November 27, 2010

A little bit more for the brand new SLP's (aka: advice for the Medical SLP Newbies-- part II)

It's Kristin here.

So, one of you commented after our advice posts that you are even wondering about some of the basics- how to plan a session, "run" a session, take data and write reports.  I know that can all be overwhelming when you're in grad school or just entering your first internship or first job.  I thought I could say a little more on that for those who are interested. And you veteran SLPs- feel free to add to this in the comments.  You know Bob and I love comments and feedback.

I work in a Rehabilitation Unit in a hospital.  I mainly see adults with neurological issues.  Bob- maybe you'll want to address a more pediatric version of some of the stuff I have to say. :)  No pressure! 

(Let's assume that the initial evaluation is done here and I'll start with the first session after the eval.)
 Planning:  I think the most efficient way to plan for a session, is to look at the patient/client/student's (okay, from now on I'll just say patient) goals and decide what the priorities are.  Maybe they have 7 goals, but which one is affecting their communication or life the most?  In my case, swallowing often comes first.  Then speech and language.  Then cognition.  In the schools, maybe it's a specific phoneme, or glaring syntactical deficit, or a pragmatic/social issue that's causing him major social problems.  Then there are those secondary goals that can wait a bit- like why start the session focusing on /s/ when the student can't even form clear sentences?  In my world- why start with memory tasks if the patient can't even name words?  Anyway, I think we may have a tendency as clinicians to start with the tasks that are the most enjoyable to work on, or that we feel the most skilled with, so you gotta watch out.

Let's stop there for now and I'll address other topics in my subsequent "Newbie" posts.

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where Did Bob Go?

Howdy peoples,

I bet you’ve been wondering, hmm, were did Bob go? If you are anything like me, if something doesn’t come up in your google reader it just doesn’t exist. So, you’re most likely not very concerned. If you aren't then you can stop reading right now, if you are concerned though (and I love you for it!!) then continue.

Well, I’m not writing jack this month because I’m writing too much. Make any sense? Of course not. If you know me well, you should know that I rarely make much sense at all. But there is a very good reason for this nonsense.

It’s November, which is National Novel Writing Month, affectionately known as NaNoWriMo, if you follow me on twitter, then you’ve seen my frantic tweets about the event already (on both accounts @speechbob and @aoirselvar), as well as updates on facebook (poor confused dave). This year I have decided to throw in my lot with those crazy people who are attempting to write at least 1667 words a day in order to meet the grand old goal of 50,000 words by Novemeber 30th.

It’s been fun, but everything else in my life has been put on hold. Including writing blog posts, playing video games, catching up on my DVRed shows, feeding my cat (did I mention that I recently got a cat?), personal hygiene… you name it.

But today is November 13th, and I’m at 28,000 words already! I’m more than half way there! Woot! But only problem is that my novel is more than half way done. I’ve actually set my goal for 70,000 words, which I hope to eep out a decent story.

My story? Well, it’s a fantasy story about a boy name Praxton (yes I stole this character from previous writings, but he’s nearly completely different. Like a different dimension Praxton, in a different world, etc). I’m actually pretty happy with what I’ve written so far, I’m worried about letting the masses actually read the book, but if really really want to read the book and help me revise it, email me at aoirselvar (at) gmail (dot) com. I won’t even send anything out until I’m done with draft one, after I let some people at least get rid of all the many typos.

Anyway, I have spent much too much time writing this blog post. And in order to save time so I can write more on my NaNoWriMo, I’m just going to put this post on the three blogs that I write on (Pathologically Speaking, Casual Huntering, Blog of Bob & Lindy, even though the have nothing in common and I write on some of them more often than others.

Everybody have a great day, and I’ll see you in December.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My new commitment

Hey all!  It's Kristin posting.  Sorry we've taken a short blog-bbatical!  We're really still here, just got a little swamped for a sec.

I got a comment from one of you (thanks Brenda!) recommending an /r/ program when I asked for help with that neighbor kid's /r/'s.  I went to research it a bit on Twitter and realized I am missing out on this whole SLP twitter world out there.  Bob, you are obviously totally SLPeeps savvy, but I am now jealous and I want to be a part of it.

Yes, I have a twitter account, but I don't really use it.  I don't fully understand how Twitter works, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.  (Examples:  Why do people's twitter names have the @ symbols and how does that help you find the person, as opposed to just searching for them without the @?  Why can you only see fractions of conversations, even when you expand them on the right?  Etc.)

Well, I am going to post and check my Twitter account at least 3X/week.  I am going to post about SLP stuff and if you wanna follow me its apparently @ and then my name kristinm333.  :) 

Hope to see you there.  Hope we can get good ideas from each other.  And for heaven's sake- we need blog comments.  Come say hi or add your 2 cents or something!