Wednesday, October 19, 2011

College for students with disabilities

Check out this nice list I found- the best colleges for students with disabilities:

Here's one about the best colleges for kids with autism.

I'm getting excited for ASHA.  I am excited for my short course about swallow exercises and their efficacy, and some AAC classes, etc., etc.  I still don't have a place to stay, but am looking into the ASHA Roommate forum.  I found some promising leads.  I'm REALLY excited to check out San Diego and enjoy the warm, beautiful weather.  Anyone have advice about San Diego sites (or ASHA for that matter)? 


Friday, October 14, 2011

Cool SLP Resources for adults

Hey all, look at some of this cool stuff I found (thanks to some of my awesome collegues).

365 ESL short sories with activities:
These stories each come with comprehension questions, vocab activities and other games and tasks perfect ALSO for those of us who work with adults with neurological trauma.  Sweet.

Apps for SLPs who work with adults:
I love finding new iPad apps and making sure I have the latest and greatest stuff to do with my patients.  Here's a fun list for SLPs. 

And have you heard about  My cute SLP cousin just told me about its awesome application for SLPs.  More on that later...

I'm also excited about the free Passey-Muir Webinars in a couple weeks.  Check them out here...  Free CEUs that can be done over lunch!  I'm all for it.  And they provide really good information in my experience.  (Passey-Muir does not pay me to advertise!)  :)

Hope you have a more fun caseload than I do right now.  I'm feeling the blahs.  I have a few patients who can't stay awake for a second, and a few who don't respond, even when awake.  Sigh...
Anyone have a good pick-me-up for SLPs in burn-out phase?