Monday, May 16, 2011

SLP Goal Bank App on Sale

I just found out that the SLP Goal Bank app for the iPad is on sale until May 20th. Normally the full price of this app is $29.99, but right now you can get it for $5.99.

This app is exactly what the title of it says. Its a goal bank of speech language therapy goals, categorize by disorder. There are educational and medical goals alike. Its meant to help you, as a starting point, when writing goals for your patients/students/clients. You can also add your own goals to the app, storing them for future reference. Then you can email your self the goals so you could simply cut and paste them wherever you need them.

If you are a brand new SLP and are struggling coming up with goals, or if you are seasoned SLP who would just like some new ideas, (oh, and if you have an iPad), then this app is for you.


  1. Hey Bob! I was just googling SLP blogs and I found yours. Had no idea another SLP in the district was doing a blog too. Also I had no idea your wife is a speech pathologist too. How cool! I just started a blog myself. It's Well it's great to find your site. Well I'll see ya around.

  2. turns out I needed to do my research. From what I've read on the blog now, Kristin is not your wife. Oops. Well I'm glad I happened upon this blog. Always good to hear ideas from others!

  3. Annie,
    You're not the first to make that mistake, we just went to grad school together, but we're both married to other people ^_^. Good to see some one from the district.

  4. I want it!! Of course, I also want an I-pad....

    (seriously behind the times)