Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SLP jokes on tumblr - this made me laugh SO hard!

Can I be honest?  I don't really understand what tumblr is.  Or should I say what A tumblr is?  Not sure of the correct use of the word.  I am starting to learn today, thanks to my lovely graduate student intern.  :)  She showed me this:   http://whatshouldwecallslp.tumblr.com/

It's a series of tumblrs (?) about being in SLP grad school.  And many of them apply to SLPs who are working!  What do you think?  (There are pages and pages of these.  I could watch them for weeks.)

Example #1:

My face when I go to do an assessment on a patient with aphasia and the family assures me they can talk just fine. 

  "I'll just double check anyways."

When a child is misbehaving in therapy, but the parents are watching, so you just have to be like:

Also, can you please explain to me about Tumblr or at least tell me how to use the word syntactically correctly?  I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist for Pete's sake!


PS:  By the way, I also learned today that there are different tumblrs like this for almost any subject.  Could this be a great therapy task?  My brother sent me this one about Accountants.  I don't get all their jokes, but I had some good laughs.  Google this: #howshouldweaccountforme?


  1. Awesome! I had to close the tab, because I could totally get sucked in!

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