Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Post

Pathologically speaking is a brand new SLP (Speech Language Pathology) blog for other SLPs and people interested in the medical and educational practice of speech language therapy. There are two of us that will be writing on this blog. As for me, I'm Bob Bateman. You can follow my daily adventures on twitter at Speechbob. I work with kids from preschool age to the 6th grade in the public schools. I have 3 kids of my own with one on the way. I'm always trying to figure out how to balance work and home in an on going juggling attempt. I'm particularly interested in AAC, fluency, narrative language therapy, and trying to stay on top of the growing pile of papers on my desk.

I'm excited to join the SLP blogging community and I hope that we can share some great therapy ideas. I may more often give stories of life as an educational SLP (without giving specifics or names as to not break any confidences of course).

That's all for now. I'll let Kristin introduce her self.

Bob Bateman

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  1. Let me be the first to post. I am looking forward to reading your blog. Building community among SLP's is a good thing.

    Take Care.

  2. @crumdaddy Thank you. I think as we talk more we'll learn more.