Thursday, July 28, 2011

New SLP iPad App: Caseload Tracker

Hey everybody, I hope your summer is going well. Probably better for the education SLPs out there.

I wanted to announce that the Caseload Tracker app has finally been published and is now up and available on iTunes.

This app is designed to help SLPs and Special Educators keep track of their caseloads and stay on top of IEPs and Eligibilities. I came up with the concept as I was getting completely bogged down by meetings with no good clear way of keeping track of all of them.

This app has a built in system for tracking these important due dates by color coding alerts in the app as well as using the iOS's push notification alerts to keep you informed of the total number of students with upcoming meetings. Its also a great resource for keeping your caseload information handy.

For those such as myself, this will be a very useful tool in staying organized with your students. Let me know what you think

And we'll be having a contest on here soon to win a code for this app. I'll stay in touch.


  1. Holy crap. You MADE this app???? You are amazing!!! So, wow. I wanna learn your wise ways. I have app ideas. I'll pay you to make em. :)

  2. Wow, this sounds amazing and extremely helpful!!

  3. Well, I came up with the concept and designed it, but the folks at Smarty Ears put did the programming stuff. I'm excited because I really really need this. I hope it helps other SLPs as well.

  4. Can this app be used by PT in schools & clinics?