Thursday, August 4, 2011

SLP Vlogging

Hey all!  It's Kristin.

I'm sure many of you know how big the vlogging world is getting.  (Vlog = a video blog.)  For example my mom just did the HCG diet and discovered a whole community of buddies through the youtube hcg channels.  They motivated eachother, and gave tips, came up with their own HCG jargon, and they commented on eachothers' vlogs.  My mom had a blast getting into that "world."  Here's a little sample of one I liked- The ABCs of HCG.  I figured I would start exploring the vlogging world I'm into too, including SLP vlogs.

Well, I'm sure I am just BARELY tapping the surface on what's out there as far as SLP blogs go, but I thought I'd share and also see if any of you have any faves.  I got an email from linguahealth talking about their vidoes and thought they were interesting.  Here's one on choosing a graduate program for you undergrad students out there:

They I found a vlog by the SpeechPathway.  I also want to share with those who are not-so-Youtube-savvy that you can look at other SLP's vids by clicking on some of the followers listed below his video, either in his Friends, Subscriptions, or Comments sections.

I'm hoping to narrow my search more and find more medically-based vlogs.  So many of them are pediatric/education SLP-based.  Let me know if you have any good ones!  When you find a vlogger (video-maker person) you like, you can click "subscribe" and you will actually be emailed occasionally a list of the new posts by your favorite vloggers.

Hope this launches a few of you into the youtube SLP world.  If you find anything great, let us know and we may even post it for others too!



  1. Found you through twitter! I've never even though of looking on youtube for ideas. Thanks!

  2. Yeah, vlogging is getting big. I've never done it--too lazy. BUT it would be fun to see YOU vlog!