Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back from the sabbatical!

Hi blog reading friends!  It's Kristin here.  I have taken a long break and really thought I had posted my very last post.  I thought Bob was done to (we really haven't seen eachother or talked for a long time.  You know how new babies can turn someone's life upside-down and all.)  But some of you have been so encouraging lately, and you made me want to get back into it a bit.  I think Bob might even start blogging a little mroe here and there as well (hint hint, Bob!).  :)

Let me know if you're still reading this blog!  My plan is to try to post twice a week, so check in with me here and there and know of course that we LOVE comments.  Questions, post requests and ideas, feelings, stories- anything!

Here are some of my up-coming posts to give you something to look forward to:

  • BRS-S - Should you look into getting Board Recognition as a Swallowing Specialist?
  • My Most frequently-used apps for cognitive therapy.
  • Tips for starting your own blog.
  • Working on cognition for patients with dementia (by request from one of our fabulous readers).

See you soon!



  1. Still reading! Glad you're back!

  2. I'm still here! Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back! Looking forward to the upcoming topics! Kim

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  5. ve been meaning to write, but wow it's been hard to do anything extra when you have 4 kids. So, it's good to hear from you again Kristin, what have you been up to?