Sunday, September 5, 2010

Topic requests

Well, now that we're starting this blog, we're interested in your input.  What would you like to read about?  Let us know in a comment!

I'm thinking about posting some of my favorite therapy materials, AAC devices, ideas for therapy activities in certain areas, and how I feel about burn-out, etc.  I'm hoping Bob blogs about being a working dad, therapy ideas, behavior management, high caseload issues, Twitter networking, interesting cases, etc.  I guess some of the specifics I wish we could blog about are tricky what with HIPPA and all.

Well, this week was a full work week for me after a week-long vacation to Lake Powell Utah.  It was actually good to be back and also good to have a fresh new schedule of patients I didn't know yet.  I like the turn-over factor in the medical side of Speech-Language Pathology.  I think it helps me to keep things fresh and avoid burn-out (well, sometimes that is).

Well, more from me later- let us know your requests!!!



  1. Any advice for newbies would be great!

  2. My 10 year old son has a lateral lisp (I think that's what it's called) and has been working w/a SLP for maybe 8 months, 2X weekly. I haven't seen any change. Do I look for a new SLP or is this common? I should mention he detests his sessions.

  3. @blessedfamily I started writing a post for newbie educational SLPs. Hopefully I can get it done sometime soon.

    @Davis Family. Has your son received speech therapy before now? I mean when he was younger. You said he gets therapy twice a week, is that in 30 minute sessions? Its common for students in the older grades to dislike going to speech. Its better if we can get them in when they are younger. If your son hates speech therapy then he's not likely to have much motivation to practice outside of speech, which will make progress slow at best. Progress can also be affected by a student's age. The older a student is the longer he or she has had to practice the speech sounds incorrectly. You might want to try scheduling a time to talk to your son's speech therapist to discuss your concerns. I hope that helped.