Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twitter Shared SLP Goal Bank

Last week one of the SLPeeps from our twitter group of friends came up with an idea that we thought was fabulous. She started a shared ever growing twitter SLP goal bank.

We all jumped on it quickly and with in a few hours we had over two hundred annual and short term goals. We have it categorized according to the type of disorder. From articulation to dysphagia, there is a little of everything. And they are in many different formats, from SMART to IEP based.

Of course we don't suggest that you cut and paste these goals for your students/client. All goals should be individualized for the person that your working with. However, it's helpful to have some sample goals so that you can get fresh ideas, or see how somebody else worded the goal. Even if you are a seasoned veteran you can still benefit from perusing though these goals.

How do you participate? Well, the twitter goal bank is on a shared google document. In order to get access you need to send a direct message to @albrechtjn on twitter. She then can share you the document at which you can share goals with the rest of us. I debated about posting the goal bank here in it's entirety, but we got concerned with copyright issues and such, but needless to say if you struggle coming up with goals or you just want a fresh perspective then I highly suggest you give it a try.

Again, what you have to do is get on twitter (if you don't already have a twitter account then you'll have to make one - don't worry, it's free and easily done). When you are logged on to twitter go to the following page: http://twitter.com/albrechtjn then you'll want to follow her. After she gets a chance to follow you back (unless you are spam at which you'll probably just be blocked) then you can send her a direct message to request access to the goal bank. The reason we're having you send the direct message is so she can get your email address in privacy. She'll never spam you, promise. After she emails you the invitation then you need to go to google Docs. I'm realizing that you probably also need to make a google account for this. That's not hard to do, easiest way to do that is to set up a Gmail account (also free) by going to http://www.gmail.com. If you hadn't made a gmail account then you'll be happy you did, it's the best email out there, but now I'm getting off on a tangent. Access your google documents at http://docs.google.com.

There are a few rules stated on the top of the document. Basically, label any goals you add, don't change anybody's goals except your own, etc, etc. You can also chat with other people viewing the file, which was fun for us when we discovered it.

If you have and questions you can leave me a comment or you can email me at pathologicallyspeaking(at)gmail(dot)com.


  1. As one of the SLPs involved in this goal bank, I'd like to agree with Bob that it is truly a wonderful resource! I'm so happy that we've started it!

  2. Cool! I wish they were medical goals too. But our goals are way lazy and simple comared to the ones you guys have to write for the schools.

  3. @Kristin you should add some medical goals as well! In fact you should come on twitter more often (and mark it #slpeeps so it won't get lost in the shuffle).

  4. I am so Twitter-illiterate! I don't even know what the @ and # symbols are all about to be honest. But, yeah, I want to get more Twitter-savy.

  5. I just checked out your blog, finally. Good stuff, that. I left a comment to your prior post, but I can’t tell if it took. It said it would be posted once they approved it….


  6. I'd really like to access the goal bank, but have had no luck getting a response from Janelle on twitter. Maybe I'm not doing it right. Can somebody email directions to me at stevewhite@berkshirespeech.com? Thanks.

  7. @steve I sent Janelle a request via google docs. I haven't been on twitter for awhile and consequently haven't spoke with her for some time. I hope she replies and adds you, as I found that I do not have that kind of access to the file. There is a goalbank app for the iPad, but that I'm afraid is not free (and requires an iPad).

    If I hear back from her I'll let you know.