Friday, October 1, 2010

iPad apps for medical SLPs

STOP!   I now consider this post out of date.  Some of these apps are no longer even in existence.  I am about to post a new app list that is far better.  Skip this one!  :) 

Hey, it's Kristin.

So we got some ipads at work to use as AAC devices.  They have some cool programs for patients who need speech-generating devices.  I am about to buy all the SLP-related apps I can find.  I want to know if any of you have any suggestions.  Here's what I found so far:

  • Proloquo2Go:  an AAC app
  • Memblock:  It's like that old memory game "Simon"
  • Locabulary Lite
  • Webster Picture Dictionary
  • Small Talk (by Lingraphica):  another AAC device
  • (a brain trainer)
  • Safe Swallowing in All Environments/Dysphagia Small Talk (only 99 cents!)  Did you see the article in Advance Magazine
  • Tap to Talk
  • Flash Cards (for naming!)
  • Brain Pop (trivia type stuff)
  • iApptitude (math)
  • UT Driver's license practice test (or pick your state!)
  • Arith fit (numerical game)
  • Smarty AAC apps
  • iZoo (animal sounds for responsive naming)
  • Pocket sounds (same thing but free!)
  • Dragon Dictation/Dragon Search (speech to text)
  • Herod's Lost Tomb (I spy-like)
  • Book Shelf (e-book reader)
  • Word Whirl (lets you put random letters together to spell words)
    • Others I found via SLPsharing
  • Picture Scheduler: schedules
  • ToDo: to do lists
  • Evernote: note taking
  • MindMeister: mind mapping
  • Counting Bills & Coins: counting money
  • Grocery IQ: shopping lists
  • Epicurious: recipes
  • iBooks: books
  • myhomework: managing school assignments
  • Speak it!: text-to-speech
  • Kid Klok: telling time
  • Flashcards Deluxe
  • LitCharts: study guides for books 
  • Percentally: data tracking

      Many of these could work in the schools too.  I know for you educational/pediatric SLPs there are also:

      • iPractice verbs
      • Word Magic
      • 3D Brain Education
      • SI Dysfluency Index Counter
      • Pocket SLP
      • I Take Turns
      • Math Magic
      • Grace (AAC)
      • 123 Color HD
      • ArtikPix
      • Mobile Articulation Probes
      • R Intensive SLP
      • Developmental Age Calculator
      • Sunny Articulation Test
      • Fluency tracker
       What a great new SLP tool!  Any others you guys like????



      1. Great list! Don't miss Percentally for data-tracking: I could see that being great to use in a medical setting.

      2. Oh thanks! I added it to the post!

      3. had some good items
        thanks for sharing

      4. Rebecca de la GarzaDecember 7, 2010 at 3:52 PM

        I will be getting an iPad for Christmas and have been researching apps and therapy ideas for speech therapy! I am so excited! Thanks for posting your suggestions!

      5. Good post! There's a list of adult apps on the Facebook group for Adult Rehab Speech Therapy and at I'm using the iPad every day in adult neuro rehab and love it!