Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our first award!!

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Kristin here.

I'm psyched.  I've never received a blog award before.  NDNspeechMom gave us this:


Now it is our job to write 7 things about ourselves (you wanna do your own, Bob?).  Here I go:

1.  I'm a total book worm.  I'm obsessive about it really.  I carry my book everywhere I go for the chance to squeeze it in if I have any alone time, or any waiting to do.

2.  I'm a certified aerobics instructor.  I'm just not teaching right now.  My favorite work-out in the world is step aerobics.  LOVE IT!  Please don't go out of style, Step.

3.  I'm training for a marathon right now.  It'll be my second!  It's the Las Vegas Rock and Roll marathon!  I even have a running blog.  Check it out (HERE).

4.  My favorite things to work on as an SLP are severe aphasia and apraxia.  What a blast!

5.  Pet peeves:  being awoken before my alarm sounds, passive aggression, and wasting time.  I always have to be multi-tasking.  My poor husband.

6.  I am addicted to the Food Network.  I love so many shows and FN stars.  My faves include:  Alex Guarnaschelli, Ina Garten, Ellie Krieger, Alton Brown and Jamie Oliver.  I love 30 Minute Meals, The Next Food Network Star, and Iron Chef too.  Ironically, I'm not a great cook.  But I'm growing.

7.  At my church, I'm "in charge" of the organization for the teenage girls.  It's a lot of work, but they are a blast.  Teenagers make me laugh.  As a result I am up in teen pop culture.  Just ask me about JB, Taylor Lautner, emo people, or High School Musical.  All things I learned about as a result of my church calling.  Ha ha!

Bob- think about who we want to award this to.  Somebody very versatile of course.  :)  I am just barely getting to know all of these SLP blogs, and I don't know them well.


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