Wednesday, October 6, 2010


...are expensive!!
I just want to complain a bit.  I wish I could go to ASHA every year.  I also wish I could get that "PROMPT method" training for apraxia I've been wanting for years, take one of Joe Murray's dysphagia courses, and take an sEMG course by Michael Groher.  A girl can dream.  The CEUs I actually end up getting are the free ones, or the local courses.  They don't tend to be what I really need.  Do you SLPs have the same tough time I do?

I will tell you some of my favorites.  I think the Passy-Muir company has great online courses.  They each take an hour and give you /1 CEU and they are packed with good info!  I also liked a Cross Country seminar I took on apraxia if you ever go to those.  I liked the Linguisystems CEU in the back of their dysarthria book. 

If you live in Utah we are actually hosting a training seminar this month by Dynavox.  It's 10/23 and is free!  You can get .6 CEUs.  If you are interested in coming you can email me (see my address on the side bar) and I'll save you a spot.  There are about 40 left.  It's going to be at the University of Utah (more details if you email).

Any other great CEU ideas?  I know we're always looking.

PS:  Don't miss our Giveaway.  This is the final week!



  1. Hi Kristin- we're putting together some free CEU webinars for 2011... any topic requests?

    Let us know on Twitter (@SpeechnLanguage) or

  2. Hi Kristen,

    I just read your post and am very interested in going to this seminar if there are any more spots available. Thanks for the information.


  3. Hey Heidi, did you get my email? Send me your last name and I'll put you on the list.