Friday, October 15, 2010

SLP Burnout

It's Kristin here!

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Well, this was a long work week for me for some reason!  I think our job is heavy- all that face to face intense talking.  Coaxing phonemes, words, and memories out of people.  Managing behaviors, family members, doctors (or principals :)), and documenting it all.  And there's just no rest for the weary.  You'll be doing it all again tomorrow.

So what do you guys do to avoid burnout?  I haven't really been in the field that long yet, and already there are certain tasks that have become drudgery at times.  Some of the things we do are so repetitious.  Some of the patients are so tough!  Some of the politics get so old.

Not to be Negative Nelly today, but sometimes you just need a boost!  Sometimes I find that boost in a patient I love, or a conference, or a great patient breakthrough.  Sometimes just a long weekend or a vacation.  Sometimes there are little things in the workplace that help me- going to lunch instead of eating at my desk, taking a walk, hiding out on the hospital chapel or meditation room if I'm stressed, or getting some fresh air outside.  I even workout at lunch once in a while.  It's nice to have the PT gym right there!

Well, what do you guys do?  Any fresh ideas?



  1. Hi Kristin,

    I chanced upon your blog about SLP burn out in your Pathologically Speaking blogspot yesterday. I tried to comment on it but the web site doesn't allow me top input any comments under the comment tap. So, I thought I will reach out to you directly!

    As a SLP coach for some years now, I truely see the extent of this problem, not only for SLPs but for all health workers at large. It's terrifying that we, as a helping profession, aimed at helping others would end up in such a state!

    I want to thank you for your article in bringing that up to us all, and in making us acknowledge that we have to balance, and pace ourselves first, before we can help others.

    I've been helping many SLPs out there, really struggling to have a decent work life balance. Newer SLPs tend to burn out quicker. Now increasingly more SLPs are seeking out coaches to address their personal and career goals, to help them manage time, and tackle burn out, before it really gets to them!

    Do feel free to connect back to me on this email or find me on linkedin!

    Once again, thank you for such an insightful article!

    Anne Yu
    Professional SLP Coach
    Life By Design

  2. Thanks so much Anne! I'm glad you wandered upon my blog. I will post your email as a comment on that post if you like and others can see that there are coaches-- I have never heard of an SLP coach! I'd love to hear more about it. In fact, if you're interested in writing a brief guest post on the blog to let people know it exists and how it works I'll post it!

    Thanks again,